Our vision starts with our t-shirt. We set out to make a t-shirt whose production benefits people and the planet at every step. The fabric is thoughtfully sourced from recycled water bottles, organic cotton, and bamboo in the USA. The fabric is stitched in Haiti creating 800 non-sweatshop jobs that pay living wages. The shirts are printed with water-based inks, employing eco-friendly processes, by a company that dedicates a significant portion of its profits to human rights causes. The t-shirt represents our first step toward practicing production and consumption differently. With every product we collaborate to make, we aim to walk our walk: produce in a way that creates value for people and the planet

Our goal is to sell these T-shirts and make money - some of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choosing, while an equal amount will go to kick starting the bigger vision below. We also plan to have more products available to help spread the word including a hat, a reusable mug, a pendant and a sweatshirt.

Undividual’s big audacious goal is to start MPower​ Enterprises , an organization that will train and employ adults on the autism spectrum and others with work life challenges. We imagine many small shops and businesses operating under one roof — everything from restaurants and clothing stores to coding start-ups — with the common goal of positively impacting human communities and the planet. Eventually, the revenue generated from the Academy will support our search for better independent living facilities for adults with life challenges. This goal is one manifestation of what we ultimately hope: that Undividual will be a living example of how we can each play our unique role in creating our shared future, in everything we think, are, and do.